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CareLink provides people with mental illness a
progressive alternative to hospital care that results
in more dignity, stability, and hope for a better life.
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Serving Individuals Who Need Specialized Support to Achieve Recovery

Since 1959, CareLink Community Support Services has been dedicated to helping people with disabilities to live in the community with dignity and independence.

Our rehabilitation services and professional staff provide the supports that people with serious mental illness, physical disabilities, and other developmental challenges need to be active, productive members of their communities.

Our Location

CareLink provides services throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region (also known as the Delaware Valley). Arrangements can be made to meet anyone at any of our sites or at a location of their preference within the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey area.

Overcoming Stigma

CareLink’s philosophy is that people with developmental disabilities can live, work, and participate in the community with considerable independence if they have caring support and help learning essential life skills. Our services embody the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, which promote achievable outcomes, full community integration, and program participants as active decision-makers in their recovery.

Overcoming Stigma
– A Conversation


“I like the way staff works with you and are very caring.”

Special Needs CRR Resident

“CareLink is such a blessing. I have another client I wish could be a part of your family. You all really know how to wrap your arms around individuals in your care.”

IDD Supports Coordinator

“They treat my son with respect, hope, and care. The staff is always engaging, polite, and eager to talk.”

Family Member

“I made a lot of new friends and I am able to do almost everything independently.”

Full Care CRR Resident

“You all are so awesome with communication! Wish all providers were like you!”

IDD Supports Coordinator

“The staff helped my son through a very bad manic episode and got him the help he needed.”

Family Member

“I never knew I was going to get so much from this program. I never imagined I would be sitting in my own apartment with my own table and couches. It feels great!”

Supported Housing Resident

“They accept who I am.”

Full Care CRR Resident

“This is the place that I need to be until I get back on my feet and learn my skills.”

IDS Program Resident

“You guys have really handled the pandemic remarkably well.”

Family Member