Elijah’s Success Story

Elijah is a sixty-seven year old man who has been a resident in one of CareLink’s Chester County homes. Elijah has struggled most of his adult life with managing his frustration and aggressive impulses.  During his time with CareLink, he has made small but consistent progress on all of his recovery goals.  In the past few months, significant progress has occurred.  Elijah has sleep apnea and must use a bi-pap mask whenever he goes to sleep.  In the beginning, he was extremely resistant to this; however, now Elijah seeks out staff to assist him with the mask and machine.  This acceptance of the need for his bi-pap machine will have a significant impact on his general health and welfare.  A second and possibly the most significant accomplishment is that Elijah has become much more receptive to staff’s help when he is feeling quite agitated.  There has been many more times when Elijah employs coping skills without staff assistance when he upset or frustrated.  While these may seem like small accomplishments to someone looking in from the outside, these are tremendous accomplishments for Elijah.  He is proud of his success and we, who work with him in his home, congratulate his success.