Sean Wallace

On November 2, a resident at CareLink’s Manor Road program alerted Assistant Program Manager Sean Wallace that his room smelled like “burning”. Upon investigation of the complaint, Sean found smoke coming from the bathroom and discovered that the bathroom light fixture had melted and fallen to the floor. He acted quickly to warn residents that they needed to evacuate the home immediately. Both Sean and Residential Counselor Alex Bonner assisted in evacuating all four Manor Road residents to safely, and then pulled the fire alarm to ensure that the Coatesville Fire Department was alerted.

Alex Bonner

When they arrived, firefighters assessed the situation and indicated that due to staff’s quick actions, the Manor Road residents were safe and damage to the property was contained to just one bathroom in the house. Sean and Alex safeguarded both the program and its participants throughout the entire event, and were able to get the participants back into their home later that evening.

This incident offers a great example of how much CareLink staff cares about the work they do and the individuals we serve. Fast thinking and decisive action from Sean and Alex saved lives and minimized damage, and the agency couldn’t be more grateful and proud to have them on our team!