Welcome to the New Year and CareLink’s new look! It’s always good to start the year off feeling refreshed, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with our branding. After an extensive research and discovery process, we’ve refreshed our logo, mission statement, and tagline. Our new logo is sleek, modern, and bright. The maze visual of the “C” perfectly captures the multiple entry and exit points that exist as every person in service works towards creating their own success and happiness. As you know, at CareLink, we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions or tell individuals in service what their future should look like. We’ll help them get there, but it’s up to them to decide where they’re going. Our new tagline, “Determine Your Future,” emphasizes this point and puts accountability on the individual in service to decide their own future. In addition to the new logo and tagline, we also refreshed our mission statement. While our mission hasn’t changed, we sought to verbalize it in a stronger, more precise manner. Our new mission statement reads:

“CareLink’s mission is to equip adults living with mental illness with the tools to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We invest unconditionally in the success of every individual who walks through our doors.”

This mission statement succeeds in telling people not only what we do, but also our philosophy behind our work.

We greatly appreciate the time our stakeholders took to complete surveys about CareLink. This was an important step in refreshing our brand and in reconnecting with our stakeholders. One result gathered from these surveys was that stakeholders want to hear from us more often. In response to this, here is our February newsletter! Inside you’ll find CareLink news, personal stories of recovery, and events throughout the organization. We hope this newsletter, and our future newsletters, help connect everyone involved with CareLink. We’re thrilled to start 2015 feeling and looking refreshed and can’t wait for a great year ahead!