teddyTeddy Pendergrass, II, Board Chair

Teddy Pendergrass II is a 22 year veteran of the financial services and accounting industry.  During that tenure he had worked with many of top companies in the industry.  He is the CEO of Pendergrass Financial Group a boutique accounting, tax, financial services, and risk management firm.

jerryJerry McCabe, Board Vice Chair

Jerry McCabe retired from a lifelong career in Juvenile Criminal Justice Services in Delaware County.  He is an active member of the Springfield (DELCO) Lions Club.  It is through Jerry’s support that CareLink’s participants have benefited from the Lions eyeglasses’ program.  Prior to joining the Board, Jerry had been an enthusiastic supporter of CareLink.

lisaLisa Schmidt, Board Secretary

Lisa Schmidt has been a CareLink Board member since 2007 and Board Secretary since 2013. She holds a doctorate in psychiatric rehabilitation with over 26 years in community mental health services in New Jersey.  Dr. Schmidt has been a faculty member of Drexel University’s Behavioral Health Counseling program for 10 years.  She has a growing body of publications including peer reviewed articles, book chapters, and an edited book “People in Recovery as Providers of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services”.

scottScot Stetka, CRCM, Board Treasurer

Scot is currently Vice President & Compliance Manager for Consumer Credit Cards at JP Morgan Chase & Co.  Prior to his recent appointment at Chase, he was the Director of Compliance for the U S Credit Card division of Barclays PLC for 14 years.  He is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM).  Scot joined the Board of CareLink in 2000.