Franciszka Sitarz joined the CareLink New Jersey A-Plus Residential Program three years ago. Since then, she has made tremendous strides on her journey to recovery. After getting divorced, Franciszka began living in an apartment on her own for the very first time. Although it started off well, she began to relapse. Franciszka believed that her neighbors were spying on her and became frightened whenever she saw a helicopter or airplane in the sky.

In her first year at CareLink, Franciszka’s goals were to become fluent in English (her native language is Polish) and to learn how to cope with her feelings of depression. Although she feared being alone in her apartment, with staff and peer support, Franciszka slowly felt comfortable in her new home.  She also began English classes at the local library twice a week.

Today, Franciszka is fluent in English and has learned techniques to cope with her depression.  Franciszka’s current goals are to find a job, have perfect attendance at her day treatment program, and to lose weight. Finding a job has been a challenge, but she is working with the vocational rehabilitation center and applying for jobs both in-person and online. Whenever Franciszka hears of a job fair or job opening, she “dresses for success” and shows up with a huge smile on her face. Franciszka is also working hard on her weight loss goals, going to a gym regularly to walk on the treadmill. She is eating healthier and, while not a fan of water, drinks several glasses of water throughout the day.

Franciszka’s ultimate goal is to move into her own apartment. She is great at managing her money and is successful in living on her monthly budget. Franciszka is a conscientious shopper who enjoys a good sale…especially if it is on shoes, boots, or pretty blouses! Franciszka loves her flip-flops and wears them all the time.  According to her, our winters are nothing compared to the winters in Poland.

Franciszka has been a role model to her peers and the staff admires her perseverance. Thanks to Franciszka’s tutoring, everyone at the residence is learning Polish!