[singlepic id=252 w=320 h=240 float=left]Kenneth Kingdon-Korab joined Career Services in May 2014 with a goal to find full-time employment in the field of food service and cooking. Ken’s ambition is to become a chef; he got right to work developing his resume and preparing for interviews.  In the summer of 2014, Ken recognized the value of furthering his education.  He enrolled in Delaware County Community College’s Liberal Arts Program and worked with a CareLink Career Specialist to complete the application for financial aid and get acquainted with campus resources. Ken structured his time well so he could succeed in school. In recognition of Ken’s perseverance he was honored with the Student of the Year Award at the Career Services Recognition and  Awards Dinner this past May.

Ken took an English Composition class and soon came to find he enjoyed writing.  He saw writing as a way to express his feelings about his childhood, relationships with his family and his plans for the future. This past spring, Ken contributed an original essay to the Career Services newsletter.  Since coming to CareLink, Ken has built his own network of people who support his goals. He is making friends at school and using meditation to relieve stress. This September Ken will continue his studies at DCCC. Ken is eager to see what the coming semesters will bring; the staff at Career Services are confident that Ken’s personality and enthusiasm will take him far in life!