Group photo

CareLink’s annual Employee Service Awards Luncheon, which recognizes employees celebrating milestone anniversaries with the agency, was held on January 24th at Pietro’s Radnor Pizzeria.

This year, 19 employees were honored for their service, including Anthony Abson (10 years), Abhishek Agarwal (10 years), Cornelia Allen (15 years), Tamika Bradford (5 years), Kyle Brown (10 years), Tandrya Campbell (10 years), Draper Clarke (10 years), Lora Clarke (5 years), Beatrice Hanson (10 years), Dennis Holmes (10 years), Darrell Hunt (5 years), Julius Kiiru (20 years), Thomas Meehan (20 years), Rachael Robinson (20 years), Jeffrey Snyder (5 years), Audrey Stockslager (5 years), Brenda Williams (20 years), Robin Witherspoon (15 years), and Sarah Zielke (10 years).

We thank all of the 2019 honorees for their ongoing commitment and dedication to CareLink and its mission.