On May 3rd, Career Services participant Valerie Ward was recognized at the Chester County Commissioners’ Meeting for her hard work and dedication to her goals.

Career Services is very proud of Valerie and over the last several months we have come to recognize one of her greatest strengths is her resiliency in the face of challenges.

During her job search process, Valerie had to overcome some medical issues, as well as personal difficulties related to self-confidence. Despite these additional hurdles, Valerie conquered her self-doubt and kept her eye on the prize! She worked diligently with her Career Specialist, Amanda, to develop her resume and cover letter and practice her interviewing skills.

In October 2015, Valerie interviewed for a part-time Food Demonstrator position and received an offer to begin in November! Valerie was so excited to begin working. Despite having transportation barriers, Valerie used the supports available to her and was sure to never miss a shift. She has been working for nearly 5 months now and while she enjoys the flexibility of her schedule, she’s also likely to take on more hours when she can.

Valerie’s next venture is the Certified Peer Specialist Training. With the assistance of her Career Specialist, she has successfully started the CPS application and looks forward to becoming certified. Career Services is very proud of Valerie’s achievements this past year and look forward to continuing to support her to do great things!