Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I receive services through CareLink?
  • Referrals for service come to us through the offices of behavioral health in the counties CareLink serves, as well as social service providers, health care providers, and family members.

  • How is CareLink paid for its services?
  • CareLink services are primarily funded through county offices of behavioral health. Operational costs are supplemented through grants and charitable gifts from private donors.

  • How can I obtain residential services?
  • Referrals for residential services come to CareLink through the office of behavioral health of each individual’s home county.

  • Do you offer emergency housing?
  • At this time, CareLink does not provide emergency housing or respite care.

  • Do you provide psychiatry appointments or one-on-one therapy?
  • CareLink does not offer psychiatry appointments or individual therapy. Participants in our programs access psychiatric and counseling services through other community-based agencies.

  • Can I pay for services out-of-pocket?
  • Currently, only Mobile Psychiatric services, Supported Living services, and Education & Employment support services provided through CareLink’s Office of Career Services are available with a private pay option. All other services are paid through the offices of behavioral health in the counties CareLink serves.

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