About Us

CareLink was founded in 1959 in Lansdowne, PA to provide people with mental illness with a progressive alternative to the revolving door of hospital care. Caring support, housing, assistance with jobs, and practical help in the community resulted in more dignity, stability, and hope.

CareLink’s services embody the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, which promote achievable outcomes, community integration, and highly individualized care. Our rehabilitation services and professional staff provide the supports that people with serious mental illness and other developmental challenges need to be active, productive members of their communities.

Today, CareLink serves more than 1,000 participants in 32 community programs throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. The agency employs over 400 full- and part-time counselors, rehabilitation specialists, and clinicians.

Milestones in
CareLink’s History

CareLink’s Mission

Since 1959, CareLink’s mission has been to assist adults living with disabilities in acquiring the tools necessary to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We do this by investing unconditionally in the success of every individual who walks through our doors.

Executive Staff

Board of Directors



  • Scot Stetka, Chair
  • David I. Kay, Treasurer
  • Paul J. Mattus, Secretary






  • Rose Biester
  • Paul Coleman
  • Gerald McCabe
  • James McDonald, IV
  • Gerry McGoldrick
  • Ted Pendergrass
  • Lawrence J. Peranteau
  • Rick Smith
  • Momin Sheikh
  • Allyson Spaventa
  • Joshua Upin